RAK offshore company formation

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RAK offshore company formation | RAK offshore company setup

RAK offshore company formation | RAK offshore company setup

Shams Consultant is one of the top RAK Offshore register agent for RAK Offshore company formation. We have the most experience group of business set up as well as legal consultants; they are serving local as well as international business community from last one decade. We have achieved a top position in RAK Offshore register agents and form offshore company in RAK. We earn our status as the best offshore agent; because we aim to provide best services to client as well as practical advice. For free consultation and RAK offshore company formation package details; please chat with us or call us on +971 52 1263962 for free quick consultation.

RAK ICC company formation

An offshore company in the UAE is completely different from a UAE free zone company. An offshore is a legal corporate body which is operate outside of its own register zone.

Shams Consultant is happy to endorse you an easy and rapid rak icc company formation; we will register your company in 2 to 4 working days in RAK. RAK is such a good jurisdiction for offshore that combines so many benefits; making the United Arab Emirates an ideal base and a perfect environment for your successful offshore business. RAK offshore company registration is an ideal example for a completely tax free environment combined with an excellent as well as outstanding reputation; as a highly regulated financial center.

What is an offshore company in RAK

Those you are searching for to set up you base in UAE; but your are not planning to conduct any business in UAE; then you can form an offshore company in RAK. RAK offshore company setup is mostly suitable for those; who are searching for minimizing their corporate tax; or they are searching for asset protection; or they are in need to set up some exchange control trading vehicle. The RAK Offshore company formation price is very low and our agent fee are also low. Offshore company formation in RAK gives a global image to your business. Offshore company set up RAK permits general trading as well as professional services in single license. And don’t you worry that how to establish offshore company in RAK; but get ready to enjoy RAK offshore company registration benefits.

Documents need for RAK Offshore Company Formation

Here is a list of the docs as well as application; which we need from your side for your offshore company formation in RAK:

Documents for needs for an Individual Share holder

  • A notarize copy of your passport.
  • A reference letter from your main bank address to RAK Offshore Authority (this we need original)
  • A proof of residency; like any utility bill (this we need original)
  • CV of all the share holders of the offshore company
  • Bank statement of the company of last 6 months

Documents for corporate Share holder for RAK offshore company registration

  • A copy of the trade license of the firm or incorporation certificate
  • An attested MOA.
  • Share holder’s resolution
  • Passport copies of all the directors as well as the share holders of the firm.
  • Certificate of good standing of the firm;
  • Incumbency certificate of the firm (by mentioning the names of the share holders and directors)
  • If authority ask for additional docs; then you will provide that.

*Also note that: If this firm is own by another company; then the documents mention above are need up to the last stage; so that to get to know the initial beneficiary owner.

What is the RAK offshore company setup package?

Our low price RAK offshore company formation package begins from USD: 1,799. Such a cheapest option for RAK Offshore company setup; you will never find in UAE. Our package includes the following services for one year.

  • Our offer include the offshore company formation in RAK
  • Register office address for offshore company formation in RAK
  • The opening of a bank account in UAE
  • Land line number for RAK offshore company setup
  • Mail handling for the RAK offshore company registration.
  • Secretarial as well as admin services for the set up of offshore company in RAK
  • Offshore company in RAK will must use the PO Box of RAK offshore register agents

Note: RAK offshore company registration cost and RAK offshore agent fees are paid once the RAK offshore company registration documents get approved.

RAK offshore company formation | RAK offshore company registration

RAK offshore company formation | RAK offshore company registration

How to register offshore company in RAK?

How to form RAK offshore company is a frequently asked question? The answer is very simple that you require contacting RAK offshore company formation agents. RAK has a list of agents who are approve and register agents for RAK Offshore company formation. The RAK offshore agent will apply to take a name approval for your RAK offshore. Once they get a name approval for the RAK authority; then the next step is to prepare an MOA and sign the application form from the client. Then the agent will apply for the final approval; at this stage you need to provide all the  original documents for RAK offshore company formation.

Agent will submit this to the authority. And within one day the RAK offshore company setup will be completed. We will also sign application for bank account as well on the same day. RAK offshore company formation with bank account will be up an running in a week.

Advantages of RAK offshore company registration

  • RAK ICC is a door way to the international market
  • There is the availability of global funding
  • RAK ICC has a steady as well as business friendly legal system
  • There is a provision of protection tools for assets such as intellectual property
  • RAK ICC permit preservation of capital, profits as well as international earnings
  • Offshore companies in RAK ICC enjoy entire tax exemption
  • The rules and regulations for a RAK offshore company setup are very much flexible
  • Companies have the liberty to hold shares in a free zone company as well as in an onshore (LLC) company
  • Companies can have multiple bank accounts in different currencies to perform their international business operations
  • The set up of RAK offshore company registration need just 1 director; share holder and secretary (they can be the same person)
  • There is no limitation on citizenship as well as no residency restriction
  • The highest level of privacy as well as confidentiality is guaranteed for a RAK offshore company registration

Benefit of RAK ICC company formation

  • It offers 100% foreign ownership
  • RAK Offshore company setup enjoys 0% corporate, income as well as value added tax
  • It can be set up remotely (No need to come and visit UAE)
  • Physical Office is not must for RAK ICC company formation
  • It can hold offshore bank accounts in UAE as well as any where in the world.
  • RAK Offshore company formation can hold shares in other UAE as well as in any global company
  • For RAK Offshore company formation, even non UAE residents can be director or share holder
  • UAE residents (local or expats) can perform as shareholder; director or secretary in offshore company in RAK
  • It allow to have a corporate share holders as well as directors
  • RAK Offshore can own assets in UAE with RAK prior permission

What is the minimum share capital to register RAK ICC offshore?

RAK offshore do not need minimum share capital. RAK ICC offshore can have any amount as share capital; it must be disclose in the MOA of the RAK offshore. There is no need to deposit capital in RAK ICC offshore bank account; that is for offshore company formation in RAK.

How to approve name for RAK ICC offshore company formation

RAK IBC must use the word Limited or Ltd as a suffix; so that to highlight the legal status of RAK offshore as well as bank account. RAK ICC offshore must not use the words like UAE, Emirates, RAK, Bank; Dubai, Financial, School, Insurance, Gulf, University as well as reinsurance etc. If you want to set up RAK ICC offshore company; than you need to send us 3 to 5 names for that offshore Company. We will apply for the approval of the name.

What is the main role of offshore agents in RAK.

If you want to open an offshore company in RAK; then you must need to contact with RAK offshore company setup agents. Because you can not apply directly to set up offshore company in RAK. For this purpose RAK authority has a list of approve agents for offshore company formation in RAK. These agents will play the role of a bridge in between the authority and newly form RAK ICC offshore. These agents will also keep all the information of RAK offshore company and will arrange for RAK offshore renewal.

Does accounting and Audit needs for a RAK ICC company formation?

All the RAK ICC company formation must maintain account books; which requires an yearly audit; this audit report only be share among the share holders. But offshore company in RAK do not need to submit audit or any financial statements with the RAK authority.

What will be the local office address of RAK offshore company registration

As we mention that when you are going to open an offshore company in RAK; then you must need to appoint one of RAK ICC offshore agents from the list of the offshore agents. The agents must provide their office address as new RAK ICC offshore company office address.

The needs of directors as well as secretary for RAK ICC company formation

For RAK ICC company formation we need a minimum of one director as well as one secretary; but also they can be a corporate firm. And note that only one person can also hold both position. RAK ICC Offshore Agents need to maintain a directors register for RAK ICC offshore but it is not public record.

How long it takes for RAK ICC company formation?

If the documents needs for RAK ICC company formation are ready; then it takes one day to set up an offshore in RAK.

Restrictions for RAK ICC company formation

  • The RAK ICC Offshore is not allow to operate its work in UAE.
  • RAK ICC Offshore is not allow to apply for any kind of UAE resident visa
  • RAK ICC Offshore is also not allow to lease an office in UAE
  • It is not allow to hire any employees in UAE

RAK offshore company registration with bank account and RAK Offshore banking

The bank account can be open in all UAE local banks; only if they have the offshore banking option. RAK offshore banking is having international level banks; as well as RAK offshore banking is cheap as compare to other offshore jurisdictions.

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